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Exquisite Cable Detecting Instrument Set

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Exquisite Cable Detecting Instrument Set


Exquisite Cable Detecting Instrument Set Cable Detector Prospecting Instrument

Manufacturer Specifications



Item type: Cable Detecting Instrument Set

Battery type: AAA battery (included)

Size: 250 * 110 * 30 mm

Measuring accuracy of Receiver: up to 2000m

Voltage measurement range of Transmitter: 12V-400V (AC/DC)

Output signal: transmitter :125KHz

Voltage: transmitter: Up to 400V(AC/DC)

Cable measurement depth of Receiver :0-2.5 meters (metope/underground cable)

Main voltage measurement of receiver :0-0.4m

Working environment: Transmitter :0~40/Receiver: 0 ~ 40 ℃

Storage temperature: – 20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃


— High quality shell material

— Measure the voltage of 12-400V

— Compact and portable design

Package includes:

1 * Cable Detecting Instrument Set


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Key Features

  • Detect laying paths of cables, electrical circuits and water supply pipelines buried in walls or underground.
  • Detect cables buried in walls and underground, circuit breakers and short circuit faults.
  • Embedded DC voltmeter in the transmitter can be used to measure the voltage of 12-400V.
  • Transmitter has self-check function, the receiver’s sensitivity can be adjusted automatically or manually.
  • Receiver has function of automatic sweep frequency, and the transmitter and receiver have mute function.

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