How fast do you dispatch my order?
All products in our online store are in stock and are directly available for dispatch. That why we are able to sent out the goods within 1 working day.

What are the shipping options?
In the checkout you are able to choose from two shipping options:

  • Airmail: small and light orders also be shipped very cheap. Android Store works with many airmail companies such as Hong Kong Post, Singapore Post, and Swiss Post. In addition, we also have a special ‘Russian Line’ shipping service. The latter, is dedicated for Russia;
  • Courier service (express shipping): DHL, FedEx, and UPS. The choice of courier varies according to country, but most countries have all express shipping options available.

What is the delivery time?
Delivery time can vary a lot per country, but typically is about 3-15 days by courier shipping, 10-45 days by Airmail. For most countries the parcel could arrive in 2-5 days. However, for some countries like Brazil, Argentina, Russian Federation it might take us around 20 days.

Unregistered Air Mail 12 – 45 Days delivery FREE SHIPPING
Unregistered Airmail via Singapore Post 12 – 45 Days delivery FREE SHIPPING
Registered Airmail via SF 10 – 15 business Days delivery FREE SHIPPING
Priority line 7 – 25 Days delivery FREE SHIPPING
Registered Airmail via Swiss Post 10 – 25 Days delivery *
HK DHL 4 – 7 Days delivery *
UPS 3 – 5 Days delivery *
FedEx 7 – 15 Days delivery *
China DHL 2 – 4 Days delivery *

* Shipping rates depend on the weight/size of the items


What happens when you buy products from a country that is not part of the European Union?
When you purchase a product from a country that is not part of the European Union you may have the drawback that the package is stopped at customs, with the risk of having to pay the customs fees. In general the term “duties” describes the application of value added tax (VAT) and customs duty, which is a tax that varies depending on the category of the goods.

Worth the risk of having to pay the customs fees?
When you buy products from a country that is not part of the European Union the possibility of having to pay the customs fees is always to take into account but often, especially by buying in Asia, the savings you have it anyway.
Keep in mind that often imported products offer at a price that is very affordable, even with the addition of the customs, specifications and qualities that have nothing to envy to the products offered by most renowned brands.

How do you calculate the customs fees?
Making explicit reference to articles technology such as Smartphones and tablets, passing through customs such articles are subject to the following taxes:
I = [(K + D) * VAT] + C


K = cost of goods + shipping cost
D = customs duty (expressed as a percentage of K)
VAT = Value Added Tax (Italian)
C = fixed costs (customs service: € 2,50; postage: 3,00 EUR; SAD: 5.50 euro; TOTAL: 11 € approximately)
For example if you buy from a country that does not make the European Union on a phone that costs 200 € with shipping costs of 15 euro considering the formula set forth above, we have:

I = [(K + D) * VAT] + C

K = 200 + 15 = 215 EUR;
D = 0 (duty on smartphones and tablet is null)

You are obtained:
I = [(215 + 0) * 22%] + 11 = 47.3 + 11 = 58.3 euro

Then the charges payable for customs clearance will be 58.3 €.

How do you calculate the customs duty?
The duties to be paid depend on the value and type of products purchased. Of a particular product for example, a certain percentage of customs duties may be applied, on another product a different percentage.
To calculate the expense for the customs duty you have to locate the site of the Customs Agency the percentage according to the merchandise tables introduced by reg. (EEC) No 2658/87, to be applied to your product.
All kinds of goods are classified according to a TARIC (Integrated Community Tariff) has its own “customs code” that identifies taxes payable on imports and any restrictions (quotas, etc.).
To find a Customs Code and the percentage of duty payable to follow the following procedure to the exact calculation:

  1. Go to the site of Agenzia delle Dogane ( https://aidaonline7.agenziadogane.it/nsitaric/index.html );
  2. select “Consultazione”;
  3. from the screen that appears, select the box in the top left that says “nomenclature” and from the menu that appears select “TARIC” and then “indice TARIC”;
  4. scrolling through the list that appears, select the category of the product (to be imported) and seek his sub-category until you find the product and its tax rate.

With this rate of taxation you can calculate the duty on the product to product purchased, by applying the percentage to the value of the product includes the cost of shipping.

On which products you are charged customs fees?
Customs fees, or rather the duty, to be paid on all types of goods, although in different percentage depending on the product category.
The current Community legislation allows for the admission free from import duty for shipments made up of goods of negligible value are dispatched from a person resident in a non-EU country to a person located in the Community, provided that the value of that shipment does not exceed 150 euros (Article 27 of the EEC Reg. 918/83 and subsequent amendments and additions).
Are excluded from the enjoyment of the franchise involved alcoholic products, perfumes and toilet water, tobacco and tobacco products.
As regards taxation, it should be noted that, unlike the deductible for the purposes of the duty (fixed at 150 Euros), the deductible for VAT purposes is set at 22 Euros (article 5 of the DM # 489/97).

Can you declare a different price than that paid to avoid paying customs fees?
Declare a lower value than that paid is equivalent to tax evasion, and then to carry out a crime.

What affects the possibility that the goods are stopped at customs?

The weight of your shipment
Plus the shipping weight is low over there are chances that your parcel will not be stopped.
Ad esempio:

  • a parcel under 3 kg it is rare that it stopped;
  • over 10 kg is highly likely and it is even more likely that import charges are applied.

If the package gets stopped at customs, the Customs may not charge a fee.
In addition to the weight is also important how the object purchased is packed and shipped. In the case of a cardboard box it is much more likely that the goods are inspected and stop, whereas if it is inside an envelope and sent direct to a private, is easier than steps in a direct way without a control. For this reason it is often better to make multiple purchases with more shipments than making a single purchase of multiple objects from a single vendor and a single shipment, it will carry more weight, more compact, and the use of a package instead of an envelope.

The shipping method
The choice of shipping method can affect both the timing of receipt of goods both on the final cost, not only on the price paid at the time of purchase that varies depending on the method you choose, but also because the shipping method influences the possibility that the parcel from being stopped at customs, with the risk of having to pay taxes. Moreover, taxes are also calculated on the cost of the expedition, aggravating even more spending.
The possibility that the goods are stopped for customs purposes is almost certain using couriers, while it is very low using the extra EU country mail (eg China Post or Hong Kong Post).

The word “GIFT”
Use the word “gift” written on the package or on the declaration of value was a method used in the past, when they used and still agreed to buy from the USA to avoid customs. Now the rules have changed, maybe even too much abuse of this strategy, now affix the word “gift” brings almost certainly object to the block, which will then be assessed by the customs officer. The assessment is almost always higher than the actual value that you paid for the item, unfortunately this also applies to personal items shipped from a non-EU country and for real presents. So it’s important to always declare “a value” of the goods.

Can you buy original products or copies of famous brands?
It is illegal to buy fake products, whoever does should know that’s breaking the law, even for a single product and although many do, it is necessary to know that it can happen that the parcel is inspected and confiscated, you can lose money buying and risk being penalised.
It is legal rather buy from a non-EU country original branded products especially electronics. The big brands but encountered at surprisingly low prices is very likely that they are copies, while less expensive brands is easy to find them at prices much lower than the original to the Italian market without risk to the customs because it is legal to buy original products at a non-EU country , even if the price is much lower. It is very easy to get quality goods and low price is often because the seller had to buy directly from the factory or because the goods are for a market outside the EU.